Online Website Builder vs Web Designing Firm

Online Website Builder vs Web Designing Firm

What is an online website builder?

Online website builder software provides customers with a user interface and hundreds of templates to build your website. The top companies include,, and, but there are many more. For a small amount per month, a client can develop their own website by means of the drag and drop interface. Most of these companies have made the learning curve on their software pretty small, so getting very basic website up in a hurry is fairly easy.

Why Might you Want to Avoid Online Website Builders?

Online website builders provide a basic site for really made for DIY webmasters or hobbyists. While you can get a website up fast, it is very limited in terms of design elements you can add or use. To functionally upgrade your website you are going to need software extensions- things like SEO (search engine optimization), adding a form, or online scheduling are going to cost more. These additions add up over time.

With a large company, you are not going to get access to support, or the one on one attention that a web designing firm will provide for you.

What does a Web Designing Firm do?

A Web Designing Firm does at least 2 jobs. The design part is more artistic, with a skill set that involves the visual layout and ergonomics of the site. A Web Designing Firm has developers who works more with the way a site works- it’s functionality. They piece together your site to create a professional site that can never be matched by a site builder.

A web design firm is made up of designers and developers working together- and maybe a SEO person, and/or a marketing expert- this is more of an option for medium to larger businesses due to the greater expense.

Think twice before you start to invest so much time in a site builder.