Accept Payments On the internet FREE of Charge

Accept Payments On the internet FREE of Charge

Free Authorize.Net Payment Gateway. Guaranteed Compatibility.

Now includes FREE QuickBooks Sync!

  • Simple one-time setup
  • Automatic import of daily transactions into QuickBooks Pro, Premiere, Enterprise and Online accounts
  • Customization available for unique needs
  • 24/7 Gateway Support

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With more than 400,0000+ merchants and thousands of 3rd party integrations, Authorize.Net is compatible with ALL major Shopping Carts, Billing Systems and other Payment Applications.

Our NEW Authorize.Net solution provides you with this leading gateway with a FREE Setup and no additional costs – $0/month + $0 per transaction additional cost.

There are no additional monthly service fee add-ons or other costs. Best of all, ALL major Authorize.Net features are included FREE with this solution – Advanced Fraud Defense Suite (AFDS), Automated Recurring Billing (ARB), and Customer Information Module (CIM)

++ Also connect to multiple Automatic Invoicing Software such as Billiing, Magento, hivage, Paymo, and more.

This is an exclusive program available ONLY to CDGcommerce merchants.

Social media a Business Tool

Social media a Business Tool

Social media can be a powerful business tool. Some of the opportunities and benefits of social media can include:

  • Revenue
    The most obvious opportunity is to generate revenue. This can be done through building a community or advertising your products or services within the social media platform. If you choose to advertise in social media, the ads can either link back to your business’ social media page or sometimes to your website. This can mean that you’re able to benefit from social media without needing to have a channel.
  • Brand development
    Using social media allows your customers to connect and interact with your business on a more personal level. If you already have an established brand, social media might be an opportunity to further develop your brand and give your business a voice.
  • Attracting customers
    Social media can be a good way of attracting new customers. For example, when considering social media campaigns, you could try to attract followers with promotions or giveaways. Once you have a good following you can focus on more personalized social media campaigns to encourage them to stay.
  • Research
    Even if you think social media is not suited to your business or that you don’t have the time, simply logging on to see what your competitors are doing in this space, or finding out what your customers are saying about you might be a valuable exercise.
  • Networking
    Networking can be a valuable way to exchange ideas with like-minded people to improve the way you do business. Using online networking sites can also be valuable to your business, often for the purpose of knowledge sharing and word-of-mouth referrals.
  • Recruitment
    Some organizations use social media to advertise vacant positions. Job networking sites like LinkedIn are dedicated to the job market and can help you use networks to attract skilled people.
  • Search-engine discoverability
    Your website’s ranking in the search results of various search engines can sometimes be affected by the size and influence of your social network. As your social following grows,  your visibility in search engines may also increase. This is a common Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) strategy.